About us

We are a well-known reputable company with more than thirty years experience in the fields of marketing and sales of Gen sets, Diesel engines, power plants, water desalination units, agricultural equipments and Forklift trucks.

CHAIRMAN and OWNER Dipl. Eng. Salem Mashhour

Eng. Salem Mashhour a well known business man and a social personality in Egypt. He joined DEUTZ AG, Germany after his graduation from TH Karlsruhe in 1965 as a research Engineer and then a Marketing and Sales Manager. He represented DEUTZ in Algeria and Libya as well, where he has achieved a remarkable success in promoting the DEUTZ engines there. In 1977, he has established ECTRA, as an Engineering Consultation and Trading Company. He is a well known International Rotarian.

Egyptian Consulting and Trading Co. Ltd. founded in 1977 as agent and distributor of  of different well- known international companies.

This is done by cooperation with international agencies Dutch, Austrian, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian and Chinese which have high quality products and use modern technology in production of brands, as they have the highest technology research and production, focusing in particular on the European agencies, in which we are uniquely incorporate advanced technology and it is really the future technology.


To be a leader in marketing the modern technology of Industrial and Agriculture machinery by cooperation with international agencies companies and carry out maintenance and after-sales service effectively and efficiently at local and regional levels.